About Us

    The Tyrex Real Estate Agency was established in 1998 in Craiova by Emilia Neagu, initially operating as a registered sole trader (PFA). Subsequently, in 2003, Tyrex Imobiliare SRL was established as trade company Tyrex Imobiliare SRL, starting as a small family business run by Emilia Neagu and Elena Stoica.
    Our goal is to offer the same quality real estate services that have recommended us over the last 20 years on the Craiova real estate market.
    If you want to sell/buy/rent a property, start by finding out the right price. Why the right price? Because in a business all the involved parties must win. An experienced consultant will know exactly what you need, will be able to put things in motion, solve certain problems for you, and, in the end, thanks to their experience, you have saved both money and time. You will find that time is the most important gain in a person’s life.
    Real estate brokerage represents the main service provided by the Tyrex agency. This activity is carried out using as a main tool the know-how, the experience of over 20 years and the real estate databases, property of the agency.

    The brokerage activity consists of:

    • Market prospects to identify real estate offers in the areas requested by the client,
    • Promoting the sale offer
    • Registration and classification of offers and transactions in our own database
    • Negotiating on behalf of the client the aspects related to the transaction
    • Informing interested customers on the characteristics of the offers
    • Obtaining the necessary documents and verifying the documentation for carrying out the transaction

    Tyrex Real Estate Agency operates according to the following principles:

    • Respect for the client
    • Moral integrity – honesty, fairness and sincerity in the professional relationship with the clients
    • Accuracy in setting the correct price.
    • Objectivity in carrying out the activity
    • Independence of action in the exercise of the profession
    • Keeping the professional secrecy and respecting the confidential character of the information obtained during the activity undertaken as a professional real estate agent, except for the cases where it has the legal obligation, or they are authorized to transmit them.
    • Approaching the carried-out activity with professional competence and concern for increasing the prestige of the profession, showing restraint in committing promises that they cannot honour or cannot fulfil in good conditions.
    • Compliance with the legislation in the field