Despre Craiova

    Craiova is the residence municipality of Dolj County and the most important city of Oltenia region – one of the historical provinces of Romania that includes the counties of Mehedinti, Dolj, Gorj, Olt and Valcea. Also called “the capital of Oltenia”, Craiova has a population of over 300,000 inhabitants, at the same time being an old prestigious university centre of Romanian education where almost 30,000 students study in the two Universities (the University of Craiova with the 12 Faculties and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy with the 4 faculties). Of these, over 400 young people of various nationalities (Greece, Germany, Austria, Thailand, South Korea, Africa, Moldovia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary) are currently studying at the University of Craiova, part of them being accommodated in the university campuses.
    Most of the foreign students, but also a large part of the Romanian students are accommodated in apartments rented in Craiova, including through Tyrex agency.

    Most of the foreigners reach the two Universities in Craiova through various international programs, but the academic offer includes both undergraduate and postgraduate, master’s and doctoral studies.

    The University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the only one of its kind in the Oltenia region, having in its structure four faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Midwives and Medical Assistance.

    Our agency yearly accommodates Romanian, foreign students, but also tourists or businessmen, employed in various fields of activity (art, theatre, business, sports, legal, medical, etc.)

    Also, the city is permanently expanding and growing, new residential neighbourhoods being developed over the last 15 years on the outskirts of the city, the so-called suburbs.

    Thanks to the Craiova Airport, it is possible to travel quickly to countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, but also in Turkey, Israel, the airport being under constant development.

    That is why the area around Craiova has become an important production and logistics hub, given the important investments in the automotive industry, as well as the investments promised by the authorities in infrastructure.